I guide you through the process of discovering possibilities while embracing your strengths and honoring your roots.

How it works

1 on 1 sessions provide you with deep insight on what is important to you, areas that you need to work on, it may be physical, mental or spiritual level.

Most of the problems that we get as we grow older are because we do not learn how to manage stress in our lives. Doing yoga everyday helps us get better sleep and manage everyday stress that most of us ignore or take for granted. It improves our health, enhances life-span, brings positivity and keep us happy.

The monthly programs are highly customized based on what you need to work on. Shivanee believes self-practice is the most important tool to self-transformation. Her guidance acts like a torch for each step that you take forward in this journey. She provides you with proven tips and tools from ancient yoga that can help you in this journey.

She guides you from where you are in life currently to where you want to be physically, mentally & emotionally. Her guidance can come in different forms depending on your requirement and budget.

  1. 1-1 audio or video calls.
  2. 1-1 online zoom yoga sessions.
  3. In person yoga sessions at client’s place.
  4. Links of specific videos, books & podcasts.

Session could be twice a month to four times a month or even more depending upon the requirement. Here you can read few client reviews as mentioned on my Facebook page.


Want to work with Shivanee 1 on 1, fill up this questionnaire to let her know you are serious & make her understand your needs better

This program is for high achievers and dreamers. Women who are passionate about their careers and relationship.

“I am not here to fix anyone, I am here to guide you in this journey
of peeling off the layers that society has put on you layer by layer
with daily practice of yoga and meditation.” Shivanee

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