I am so glad that you are here to read about my journey. Just remember; I would also love to know you better!

I have always been a curious soul, who loves to explore everything within and around but as I was growing up in a small town in Punjab, India I had to encounter discouraging norms of society. It was an underwhelming experience that disoriented my personality and changed the explorer into a somewhat conformist.

“You certainly have fire in you, and I guide you to channel your energy towards the right direction to strengthen your inner and outer self .

I was going with the flow and few years forward, I too joined the rat race and found myself in the corporate world, deep in my heart knowing that this is not what I aspired to be. As they called it the “greater scheme of universe”, things worked in my favour and my path crossed with Yoga. It reinvigorated the curious girl inside me and made me so passionate about learning the science and art of yoga, thus deepening my journey. The last few years have been filled with clarity, freedom, and excitement!

Now I live in Singapore, living the life I cherish and have helped many people who are seeking to strike the right balance in life. It has been a pure delight to figure out what inspires the human mind and strengthen our body.

Growing up in a household that relies on spirituality, I was familiar with meditation, a practice that has helped me reach where I am today: a state of mind that is content and tranquil. From my first Osho retreat at the age of 18 in India to my current journey as a yoga instructor in Singapore; a lot has evolved.


By learning the classical tools of yoga, you can curate a sustainable connection with the mind, body and soul.


I realized that there is a lot of noise out there that is expanding but the stillness I get through yoga helps me with clarity of mind and listens to my inner voice.


Yoga has helped to build my physical, mental and emotional strength. I would like you to experience the same transformation.


For me yoga is ‘go to’ source to experience calmness even in the most stressful situations. You too can feel this serenity.


I help you become the stronger, confident and relaxed version of you every day.

singapore yoga teacher