Where do I start about our dear Shivanee! She is patient, thorough, professional, not pushy yet motivating, keen eye for details.. and the list goes on and on. It’s amazing how she is transforming lives and creating yoga lovers club around her! Best is, even via Zoom, her eye doesn’t escape the tiniest of the detail/mistake in a posture and she corrects them! 5 stars for her dedication🌟🌟🌟🌟
Her calm persona makes anyone comfortable.She instructs clearly and lovingly. so much so that you start enjoying the journey.. I am enjoying this journey with her..Recently had a one to one class with her..she was amazing..She listened to my questions and even modified Asanas to suit my body,( as I suffer from knee issues too).. Believe me, recently I carried 4 bags ( 2 heavy) for quite a distance...And a miracle happened! I did not feel any pain or tight shoulders which I was expecting !! I was so relieved to really benefit so much in just 25 days .. So i recommend her strongly! It's a beautiful journey with shivanee..May she touch lives of many with her knowledge of yoga,compassion ,empathy ,and her non judgemental approach!
Being a beginner of Yoga, I got to know of Shivanee through a friend and the connection was instant. Even though I have never met Shivanee, she has been inspiring me to come onto the mat everyday. Her selfless guidance comes through as if she really wants you to get the posture right and this makes you keep wanting to come back and get better at yoga. Her intense love and passion for yoga comes through her videos,posts and personal commitment to you. Thanks Shivanee for keeping the fire lit
I have enjoyed the classes from Shivanee and that was something I would always look forward for the day. She is very personal. Her idea of making me do videos of my personal practice was great as that would make me accountable and also her feedback was really helpful for me to improve. She has varied the intensity of her classes so the person can choose on how they feel that day. She is definitely a great teacher.-
Bhavani Anantha
Calgary( Canada)
singapore yoga teacher