How to book online yoga classes through app

I invite you to join my online (Zoom) Yoga sessions from the comfort of your home. I am Shivanee & I have been teaching yoga on zoom for more than 15 months now. With more than 600 hours of experience I can not only guide you into the poses easily but can also correct your postures through verbal instructions. My regular online clients have reported significant improvement in their quality of sleep at night & better energy levels throughout the day. You can choose between gentle Hatha Yoga, Flow Yoga and Yin Yoga classes designed to create strength in your body while softening your heart. My classes are for all levels and offer modifications.


1) Go to the App Store.
2) Download App- ‘Acuity scheduling client’. This app is avaiable both on Android and iOS.
3) Open the app, click on Add a business. now copy and paste this URL: https://app.squarespacescheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=22412566&appointmentType=category:SHINE%20WITH%20SHIVANEE%20ONLINE%20SESSION
4) Now you will see Shine with Shivanee on your business tab. Once you click on it, you will see the class options available for next 1 week.
5) Sign up for the class that you wish to attend. 
6) Pay via Paypal or your card. 
7) Once the payment is confirmed, your classes is booked and you will receive the zoom link on your email. 

You can access the online classes either using your laptop( preferred method) or your phone. You have zoom link available on your email or on this app under appointments tab. 

Check out the Youtube video tutorial – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi0sApQCAODH1tF7t2wsH6w

Here’s is the Zoom yoga calendar for the month of June.

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